Building A Budget? Understanding The Average Cost For Braces, And What It Includes

July 19, 2015 admin

The average cost for braces is an estimate because treatment cost varies from patient to patient. Factors to consider in the complete cost include pre-alignment work, type of braces chosen, the duration of treatment, maintenance requirements, and your hometown. After considering these variables, realize that your insurance and financing plan will impact your out-of-pocket cost.

Pre-alignment work impacts the average cost for braces.

Professional cleaning with a dentist is always recommended prior to beginning treatment. If you need something above and beyond an insurance covered cleaning, this pre-treatment should be considered in your complete cost. A standard case like overbite adjustment can expect to pay less than a case with overcrowding and tooth extraction needs prior to beginning treatment.

Type of braces impacts the average cost for braces.

Traditional stainless steel braces are often the most economical. Other types like ceramic may use more expensive materials; lingual may require special training and longer preparation and placement durations. Ask your orthodontist for the braces type that accomplishes your treatment goals while fitting your budget.

Duration of treatment impacts the average cost for braces.

The frequency of visits is most often once per month to your orthodontist during which you’ll be responsible for insurance copays. But teeth move at various speeds and patients differ on compliance with the treatment program. Expect an estimate from your orthodontist on the duration of treatment like 1 – 3 years. This estimate can be solidified over time, as a patient’s unique progress is clearer.

Maintenance requirements impact the average cost for braces.

After treatment, a patient may need a retainer, at least for nighttime use. The mold for the retainer and replacement costs due to loss or damage factor into maintenance fees. In addition, professional whitening may be desired as well as dental x-rays to check for any changes during treatment.

Your hometown impacts the average cost for braces.

Believe it or not, the cost of braces varies around the country. The cost should be proportionate to the cost of living in different areas: the coast versus a rural environment. Orthodontists have to pay fees for their office location and office staff, which may impact the cost to patients.

At your first visit to Homegrown Orthodontics after assessing your unique case, Dr. Susan Podray will be able to present you with an estimate. Remember that insurance and financing options impact your out of pocket and upfront costs. Homegrown Orthodontics offers no interest financing to fit your budget and the latest types of braces to fit your preferences. If you’re considering the average cost for braces, visit our treatment options page today to learn more about the types of treatments that impact cost.