Most Important Qualities You’ll Find In The Best Orthodontist In Jonesboro GA

July 19, 2015 admin

The best orthodontist in Jonesboro GA wins the personality game. Of course, the quick wins are completion of orthodontic residency and covered by your insurance. You’ll want to find someone with the right credentials and a doctor you can afford. After these victories, consider some less tangible factors that will leave you smiling broadly.

If you’ve ever been on a blind date, a good personality is not necessarily the first description of your love connection you want from a matchmaker. In fact, it can be cause for alarm. What about the look of the potential Mr. or Mrs. Right? Let’s face it; physical attraction comes first.

However, a good personality is the key to a lasting relationship and an important “soft” factor in orthodontic care. A good orthodontist is attentive to detail, compassionate, and committed to complete patient care. Competence plus this row of three personality traits mean you’ve won the search for the best orthodontist.

#1 Attentive to Detail

Your mouth is complex; it has anatomical but also aesthetic importance. The best orthodontist considers all the roles of your smile and covers each detail in your treatment plan. The visual, functional, and health details will all work together for a confident grin.

The best orthodontist doesn’t skip any of these details in the treatment plan:

  • Aligned white teeth for aesthetics
  • Proper occlusion for chewing comfort and speaking articulation
  • Straight teeth for ease of brushing, flossing, and eliminating plaque

#2 Compassionate

A compassionate orthodontist will be a good listener full of useful advice. Orthodontists who take the time to understand your concerns treat your whole case, not just what they can physically see. They’ll also consider how you feel. The best orthodontist will take your treatment goals to heart and design a treatment plan around your vision.

Not only will the treatment results be tailored to you but also the treatment approach will align to your goals. Consider a teenager going off to high school. The teen needs bite alignment but is concerned about fitting in and making new friends. A compassionate orthodontist might hear the teen’s concerns and suggest Invisalign teen as the treatment approach.

#3 Committed to Complete Patient Care

The best orthodontist will be an overachiever. A commitment to complete patient care means patient satisfaction from start to finish. Physical, emotional, and financial comfort are all part of the patient care package.

You need an orthodontist that’s affordable upfront but also gives you realistic expectations of the full treatment time and cost. A good orthodontist will make sure you maintain your new smile for life with retainers and checkups as needed. The best orthodontist in Jonesboro GA will make you a satisfied patient for life, not just on your first visit or during your treatment time.

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