Jonesboro How far can a tooth move

“Doctor is it possible to move just this one tooth?”

Orthodontic tooth movement occurs because of the unique periodontal ligament that surrounds teeth. Orthodontists learn biomedical principles and applied physics to move teeth in a safe healthy and esthetic way. Forces applied to ligaments that support our teeth allow tooth movement to occur. These forces must be applied carefully by a specialist to avoid unaesthetic or unhealthy movement.

A single tooth can be moved with auxiliary appliances. Teeth can also be moved by external pressures such as finger sucking or swallowing patterns. Braces move teeth as an arch because they are connected to multiple teeth. The forces applied are affecting all the teeth this allows for the best orthodontic results. It is important to move and align all teeth instead of just the one snaggle tooth.

The average tooth can be moved around 4mm. Treatment options presented by your orthodontist in Jonesborro GA, are meant to maximize esthetics and function in relation to tooth movement.

Orthodontists can also manipulate jaw bones through braces and orthopedic appliances to help achieve bite correction and the smile of your dreams.

Orthodontic tooth movement with Braces, Damon Braces, Clear braces, Invisalign can be evaluated in a free consult at your Jonesborro GA orthodontist. Call to schedule your appointment at Homegrown Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics with Orthodontic specialist Dr Susan Podray.

Jonesboro Stop Thumb sucking

Sucking habits are normal for new born babies and toddlers 2-3 years of age. Thumb and finger sucking offers these tots a level of comfort allowing them to self sooth, relax and sleep.

Most children stop their non nutritive sucking habit at two and three years of age. If your child stops his habit before the age of 5 then the negative effects of the habit should be minimal. After the age of 5, children whom still have a sucking habit may experience a negative self image as well as distortions to developing mouth, teeth, palate, face and speech. An average 5 year old child can have some degree of understanding and motivation to stop their sucking habit. Parents can help their child by incorporating a positive training methods much like potty training.

  • Around the age of 5 your child can begin to understand that they control their hands and through positive reinforcement quit their sucking habit
  • Books like My Thumb and I have interactive training methods that can help
  • Remind your child by covering the favorite fingers with band aids, gloves, ace bandages and Mavola stop.
  • Contact HomeGrown pediatric dentistry and Orthodontics in Jonesboro GA

Parents should utilize ABCs action, belief and positive consequences to assist their child. Actions include the child taking responsibility for fingers and thumbs while agreeing to care for gloves and place band aide reminders to quit the habit. The child and parent must believe this is possible and the parent and child must agree to daily, weekly and monthly rewards for accomplishing success. A wonderful book titled My Thumb and I by Carol Mayer, can help parents and children plan to stop the sucking habit together.

Another popular aid is Mavola Stop. Parents may find this product at our office HomeGrown pediatric dentistry and Orthodontics as well as on Mavola stop is a bitter tasting non-toxic nail polish that reminds children not to suck. This is an esthetic reminder that can be used instead of a band-aid or glove. It acts as reminder to the child.

If you have tried positive training methods and reminders like gloves, ace bandages, band aids and Mavola stop and but your child needs additional help then your orthodontist can help. Orthodontic appliance options that can be fixed into your child’s mouth and can help stop the habit while correcting some of the negative effects of sucking habits by normalizing the position of the bones and teeth. Once orthodontic correction is achieved and habit has ceased your child will have greater self confidence. Correction will also help improve mastication and speech.

If you have questions about your child’s thumb or finger sucking habit contact our office HomeGrown Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics our specialists are your premiere pediatric dentist and orthodontist in Clayton county GA. We offer free consultations for children, teens and adults. Call to make your appointment with Dr Susan Podray Orthodontist and Dr Christina McKellar Pediatric dentist.

Jonesboro orthodontics

The internet has ushered in the Information Age. We all use google to understand medical and dental recommendations but the plethora of information has also opened the door for misinformation and confusing conflicting articles available in top searches for the consumer.

One form of misinformation in the public domain is that someone who offers braces or Invisalign is an orthodontist. Unfortunately this leads to botched braces. Luckily there’s not a recorded death of a patient from a poor orthodontic results. However, patients do lose thousands of dollars and time (priceless) in treatment with a primary care or general dentist. Some unlucky patients loose teeth as well from poorly executed treatment plans.

To preserve your teeth, wallet and result your best bet is to verify that you are seeking orthodontic treatment with an orthodontist.

Ask your doctor these simple questions and save yourself or child from a botched result.

Jonesboro orthodontics

Pictures are a major currency in social media and a fantastic smile garners likes, hearts and shares. Damon braces, clear braces and Invisalign treatment can improve our social smile when under the care of an orthodontist. This is the specialist who understands the art of a smile as well as its health. Home Grown pediatric dentistry and Orthodontics in Jonesborro Ga, offer their Braces patients a satisfaction guarantee. We won’t remove braces till you love your smile.

Braces Guarantee in Clayton County GA

Once you have been through comprehensive treatment, Dr Susan Podray wants you to smile happy for life. Wearing retainers to maintain your straight teeth can be difficult, retainers are often lost or broken. If you do not replace them in a timely fashion your teeth will shift. Since shift happens HomeGrown Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics has you covered.

Our Orthodontist will put your braces back on for free! We will do this for our patients 3 months, 3 years or 30 years from the time they had their initial treatment with us. We will only charge our monthly fee plus new retainers till you are satisfied 100 percent with your smile again.

Our patients love their Braces, Damon braces, Clear Braces, Invisalign results in Jonesborro Ga for life, we Guarantee it!

braces clayton county
Teeth move throughout our lifetime. Our hormones, bone levels and habits all effect the positions of our teeth. This is why pacifier, thumb habits, nail biting and swallowing habits impact your child’s bite and smile. As we age our teeth shift over time as our muscle and bone balances change. Most people will experience more crowding of their teeth as well as collapse of their dentition over the course of a lifetime. Luckily orthodontic treatment can move the teeth into a healthy bite and create a pleasing smile for anyone 6-99.

Once your orthodontist finishes your phase 1 treatment or comprehensive orthodontic treatment then you will be instructed on how to wear your retainers. Wearing your retainers reminds your teeth nightly to remain in a straight position, as movement in your mouth will happen, whether you are a kid, teen or adult, even after treatments such as Braces, Damon Braces, Clear Braces, and Invisalign.

The first 3 months of retainer wear are critical for your bone around the teeth to strengthen to the new positions. After 3 months retainer wear is still important to help your body retain the straight tooth position. If you don’t wear your retainers after a week small spaces and rotations are most common. After a month you can expect your bite to change most often increasing in overbite and overjet. Your orthodontist can’t predict how much relapse will occur as every patient is unique.

If you lose your retainer contact your orthodontist for replacement retainers to stop any shifting from getting worse. If you find your old retainers after a period of time without wearing them, then you are lucky! Wear them! If they feel funny contact your Clayton County orthodontist for a retainer check to verify that the fit will hold your teeth.

Dr. Susan Podray, your orthodontic specialist at HomeGrown Pediatric Dentisty and Orthodontics, believes every patient should smile bright because braces are affordable. Ask us about our lifetime Retainer program and our Smile Guarantee. We offer services for kids, teens, and adults with choices in appliances including Braces, Damon Braces, Clear Braces, and Invisalign. Call to set up your free consultation with Dr Susan Podray. Serving the community’s in Jonesboro, Clayton County, Morrow, Henry County.

First let me say I have a love hate relationship with my adult braces. My name is Tammy and I have learned to live in braces. Yes, the first week is rough but it is WORTH it! After 8 months in treatment I have discovered some tips to share that will make your orthodontic journey easier.

Wires slip out of place especially in the beginning while flossing and using proxy brushes. For a Damon bracket or a terminal brace, slide the wire back into place with a tweezer. If you can’t grip it cut the wire carefully with nail clippers. You Tube has some great videos!
For a bracket that is separated from the tooth secure it with orthodontic wax and schedule an appointment with your orthodontist for an extra care repair visit.
My lips would be sore and mouth would be sore after adjustments. Dry the area of the brace or wire with a Q tip or paper towel and place orthodontic wax.
Let me say it again if your mouth is sore. Rinse your mouth with warm salt water, 2 tablespoons per cup to help soothe a sore mouth from braces pain.
Lightly toast your bread before making sandwiches. This helped me keep my braces clean while enjoying lunch with friends.
Quick shout out to my orthodontist. I chose to get my braces at Homegrown Dental with Dr. Susan Podray. The staff have all be fantastic and I love my results. Homegrown Dental is the best! Thank You!!

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The Experts Explain The Alternatives To Braces

Orthodontists deserve a pat on the back for alternatives to braces.  Alternatives to braces are jumping outside the brackets and outside the box. Braces provide a traditional method to achieve straight teeth. A patient receives brackets bonded to each tooth. The orthodontist tightens a metal wire inserted into the brackets at monthly office visits. Gradually, the braces straighten the teeth.

Accenting the stainless steel brackets with colored rubber bands offers one improvement for trendy teens. Replacing the stainless with ceramic presents a more inconspicuous look for adults. The alternatives to braces today open even more possibilities.


The brand name for clear plastic teeth aligners is Invisalign. Clear plastic trays fit snuggly over the teeth. The trays are worn for the majority of the day and changed every 2 weeks. A mold of your teeth ensures the proper fit of this custom device.

The Invisalign alternative to braces offers many advantages. Removable trays allow for efficient teeth cleaning. Thorough brushing and flossing is easy to achieve without a threading device. Many patients defer braces because they want something more inconspicuous. Invisalign offers an invisible solution which boosts self confidence during the time of teeth alignment. Your photos in those Instagram shots will look flawless. Food and athletic activities are unrestricted. This option reduces the pain and sensitivity of repositioning the teeth.

Lingual Braces

Can braces pull a disappearing act? With lingual braces, they go incognito. The orthodontist places the brackets on the inner tongue side surface of the teeth. This alternative to braces appeals to vanity but also to function. A saxophone player uses a lingual option without compromising his craft.

Damon System

Of the alternatives to braces, the Damon System looks most similar to the traditional. The key visual difference is no rubber bands: a bacteria and pressure source. Teeth are cleaner and treatment is less painful. The system uses shape memory wires to naturally guide teeth into place. The results of the Damon System are broader smiles with a less flat front profile. Case studies show beautiful wide tooth grins of naturally aligned teeth. This system aims for a uniquely natural result, rather than just a more comfortable process.

Wild Smiles

For the fashion forward patient, brackets are available in shapes that express your style. A quarter back might want footballs. A cheerleader may accessorize with stars. Soon the whole stadium shows off some new charms. Wild Smile bracket quality is consistent with traditional brackets. Wearing braces just becomes much more fun.

Today’s patient should consider their lifestyle but also cost and treatment time. One of these alternatives to braces may be a good fit. Serenity Orthodontics offers each of these options. Visit a local orthodontist for more details and pictures of alternatives to braces.


Every orthodontist needs to be a good children’s orthodontist. A children’s orthodontist aligns teeth during the optimal age. The bones of an adult fuse and move in a less pliable manner. Consider these factors when searching for the best children’s orthodontist.

Operating hours

Does the orthodontist offer appointments before and after school? Children involved in after school activities like clubs and sports need later evening appointments. Saturday and weekend hours benefit parents with 60 hour work weeks. Children need a chauffeur, so consider the best time for parent and child.


A location near home or school benefits children. A proximal location keeps them from missing extended classes or activities.


Children’s hospitals exist for a reason. The facilities customize treatment for children. They contain the proper sizes of medical equipment and tools for a child’s body. In the same way, a children’s orthodontist has tools and equipment that fit a child’s mouth. Check the magazines in the waiting room to see if they offer any appropriate for teenagers as your first clue.

Treatment Options

Are there a variety of treatment options? Children benefit from customizable and inconspicuous options. Customizable options put them in control. With choices, they support the treatment plan restrictions more easily. Perhaps an opportunity to change the color of their rubber bands excites them for their next appointment. Inconspicuous options eliminate teasing concerns. Critical peers lose the ability to poke fun at clear aligners. At Serenity Orthodontics, we offer Wild Smiles and Invisalign for teens.


Is your children’s orthodontist a match for personality? A technical and efficient orthodontist might work great for an adult. Some adults want all the scientific detail or need to rush back to the office for a meeting. A child might prefer a more personable orthodontist that asks about her hobbies. A children’s orthodontist understands the difficulty in maintaining an open jaw position for extended periods and the difference in a child’s pain tolerance. A less aggressive orthodontist offers a plan with less discomfort, albeit a slightly longer treatment timeline, that benefits many children.

Patience is a virtue for a children’s orthodontist. The rules and restrictions of food and gum can be difficult to follow. A patient orthodontist will address slip-ups and understand the new regimen takes time for adjustment. The patience of your children’s orthodontist will come in handy when that piece of peanut brittle breaks a bracket in the first week.


How many years has the orthodontist been practicing? Two to three years of additional training after dental school should suffice. Before-and-after images help, along with patient testimonials. Your children’s orthodontist should provide references upon request.


Your dental insurance plan through your employer most likely covers an orthodontic benefit for your dependents. Check to see whether the orthodontist is within the provider network to control cost.

The American Association of Orthodontics suggests that children be seen for an orthodontic consultation by the age of 7. At that age, the orthodontist can advise of any functional orthodontic problem and when the appropriate timing for treatment is indicated.

Give Serenity Orthodontics an opportunity to be your children’s orthodontist by contacting us.

The Right Time for an Emergency Orthodontist Visit

OrthoEmergency-300x200Is an emergency orthodontist the lead character in your favorite medical show on DVR?  The medical storylines of good television rarely portray an emergency orthodontist. Most medical emergencies that thicken the plot involve high speeds, violence, and a large quantity of blood. Good advice counsels us to avoid a crowded waiting room, patient triage area, IV bags, electric paddles, and lung ventilators with a home remedy available for the issue.

Plan to solve the following orthodontic issues at home:

Soreness As the teeth gradually move, the mouth feels sore. Over-the-counter pain relievers and warm salt water rinses alleviate discomfort. Topical anesthetics from the drugstore work too. Soft tissue abrasion A mouth full of metal sometimes pricks the gums, inner cheeks, and tongue. Orthodontic wax stops a misbehaving wire from aggravating the soft tissues of the mouth. The orthodontist distributes small packets of food grade wax which the patient also picks up from a drugstore. Even the trays used for dental alignment may irritate the gums. A nail file used by the patient smoothes any rough edges on the tray. Lodged foreign debris Braces act like a lint collector around certain foods. At home, threaded dental floss, a toothpick, cotton swabs, and proper brushing techniques work wonders to remove edible artifacts.

The following orthodontic issues warrant an emergency orthodontist visit:

Mouth Trauma The metal in a patient’s mouth makes injury to the area more traumatic. If bleeding does not clot or teeth are loose, the patient needs an emergency orthodontist. Fixed Device Detachment If brackets or wires that are normally fixed become loose, the immediate threats are swallowing, choking, or inhaling the unfastened objects. An emergency orthodontist is needed to address these urgent dangers. The long term risk is the device not working as intended to produce alignment. Therefore, treatment time may be delayed. Unusual Symptoms These symptoms are not on the orthodontist’s home care sheet. Pay attention to these atypical flags. Pro-longed pain several weeks after a visit or sudden movement of teeth signal an abnormality that should be checked by your doctor. Redness, swelling, and rash alert for a possible allergic reaction to the metal in your mouth or the latex used by the doctor. A popping sound from the jaw points to joint misalignment that should be checked, to rule out orthodontic treatment as the cause. Though you may not need a gurney or an ambulance, certain dental issues warrant an emergency orthodontist. Exercise caution during treatment and follow home care instructions carefully. Pay attention to changes in your mouth during treatment and alert your doctor as appropriate. Homegrown Orthodontics in Jonesboro, Georgia advises patients on home care and provides professional care when you need it. Visit us to make the right choice in an emergency orthodontist.


Let’s countdown the top three benefits of teeth straightening.

#3 is Appearance

Teeth straightening gives an aesthetically pleasing result to the owner of the smile and to others. People confident in their smile are confident in their lives. They achieve more professionally and pursue their goals. Smiling projects a positive vibe and helps make friends. Those with a good social network tend to be happier and healthier. They even live longer. The self esteem boost from improved appearance after teeth straightening lasts much longer than the treatment. Your smile will last a lifetime. Our world of photos on social media offers us a constant reminder to maintain our appearance. The ideal images that bombard us often feature perfectly straight teeth. Everyone wants to look her best. One of the first attributes people notice when they meet you and talk to you is your teeth. Make a good impression.

#2 is Function

Are you comfortable in your own skin? How about being comfortable in your own teeth? Teeth straightening facilitates the functions performed by our mouths. Aligned teeth make it easier to chew. The owner of straight teeth has no dietary concerns due to his teeth. Biting into a crunchy apple is both healthy and satisfying. Snacking on popcorn is a movie must. No foods are off limits with aligned pearly whites. Besides the tongue and shape of your lips, the teeth impact pronunciation. Misaligned teeth hinder gossip with your friends or presenting orally in front of a large audience. In particular, the front teeth impact the way we say the letters “t”, “s”, and “th.” Express yourself naturally and clearly with straight teeth.

#1 is Health

Teeth straightening impacts dental health. A patient cleans aligned teeth easier. We know the dentist wants us to brush and floss twice a day. Proper flossing targets the area between each tooth, threads the floss up and down around the sides of each tooth, and massages the arches of the gums gently. Less healthy gums result when a person cannot perform this ideal cleaning motion due to misaligned teeth. The outcome of teeth straightening places neighboring teeth and the soft tissues of the mouth in a safe environment. Crooked and misaligned teeth might be dangerous for a restless sleeper. Grinding of the crooked teeth may cause more damage. An athlete with protruding front teeth is more susceptible to injury from a ball or fall. Uneven teeth may lead to biting of the inner cheeks and tongue during vigorous activities. At Serenity Orthodontics, we witness the benefits of an aligned smile daily and love seeing pictures of our happy patients. Visit us! Homegrown Orthodontics in Jonesboro, GA.