Invisalign Or Braces? Figuring Out Which Way To Go With These Pros And Cons

July 19, 2015 admin

Invisalign Or Braces? Figuring Out Which Way To Go With These Pros And Cons

Today’s patients face the Invisalign or braces question at the start of treatment. Each treatment approach has pros and cons. The best way to weigh the odds is to set up an appointment with an orthodontist to evaluate your case.

Treatment Preparation for Invisalign or Braces

Braces require a visit to place the brackets on the teeth. This initial visit at the start of treatment will most likely be the longest. Your recurring monthly visits will be shorter as your orthodontist will just need to tighten the wires.

Invisalign requires impressions or molds of the mouth. The molds ensure the clear plastic trays fit perfectly. In follow-up visits, the trays are replaced to promote gradual dental alignment.

Treatment Aesthetics for Invisalign or Braces

Today’s braces are lighter weight and more comfortable than in the past. But they are still noticeable. Some teens use braces as an opportunity to accessorize with colored rubber bands. Others choose Wild Smiles braces. The brackets come in fun shapes like footballs and stars.

Invisalign is less conspicuous than braces. The clear plastic trays are virtually undetectable in photos and conversation.

Treatment Time for Invisalign or Braces

The time for Invisalign or braces treatment is comparable. The time primarily depends on the starting state of the mouth and a patient’s commitment to the treatment plan. A braces patient has no option to remove the treatment device. Invisalign is more flexible, so patients might undergo a longer treatment time if they choose to remove the trays for more than eating and cleaning.

Treatment Cost for Invisalign or Braces

There are attractive financing programs available for both options including low monthly payments and no interest financing. Most insurance providers will cover both so the cost can be comparable. If the starting state of the mouth makes braces a better option, but the patient still wants Invisalign, the treatment time could be longer with Invisalign requiring more visits. Therefore, the cost will go up.

The Invisalign or braces debate is best settled with the input of your orthodontist.

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