Not A Candidate For Invisalign? The Best Invisalign Alternatives

July 19, 2015 admin

If you’re on the hunt for Invisalign alternatives, it’s likely these are your second choice. You were probably looking for a treatment program that was inconspicuous, at school or in the workplace. You wanted to brush and floss easily. You were hoping to eat all the same foods at your meals and snacks. The good news is Invisalign alternatives can still meet many of your wishes.

Here’s our top list of the alternatives that get the silver medal.

Ceramic Braces

While they are more noticeable than clear trays, ceramic braces come in a translucent color. They’re more conspicuous than traditional stainless steel braces. Many adult and teen patients prefer ceramic to metal braces. Rubber bands that stain and yellow can be replaced at monthly orthodontist visits. In addition, this Invisalign alternative is durable, budget friendly, and effective in aligning the smile.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are the completely incognito option of the Invisalign alternatives. The brackets are placed on the inner tongue side surface of the teeth. Not only do wind instrument musicians benefit, but also athletes from a reduced risk of injury during contact sports. Others simply prefer the invisible look of their braces when smiling for a photo or engaging in conversation.

Damon System

Of the Invisalign alternatives, the Damon System looks most similar to traditional braces. However, it offers the Invisalign advantage of lower friction and more subtle alignment of the teeth. In the Damon System, shape memory wire in bracket slots promote gradual alignment of the teeth. The resulting grin is broad with a less flat front profile than traditional braces.

Set up an appointment with Homegrown Orthodontics in southern metro atlanta today to learn which of these best Invisalign alternatives is right for your case.Patients who are not candidates for Invisalign can still expect a comfortable treatment plan and great results.